Tim Bradley – Cinematographer

Tim Bradley is a cameraman / DOP based in Sydney Australia. Tim has over 20 years of shooting experience. He currently owns and operates the top of the range Sony Professional camera PMW F5 camera.

Tim established Mind’s Eye Films in 1998 after 11 years’ working as in-house Director of Photography with Omnilab, one of Australia’s most prestigious post production houses.
Today, Tim is a cinematographer for television, corporate and film productions around Australia and overseas. His client base ranges from advertising agencies, production houses, integrated marketing companies, television networks, public companies, large multi-national corporations and government agencies.
Tim’s key strengths are versatility and enthusiasm. He has the ability to visualise and capture the ideas of directors – and within producers’ time frames. Whether working under a director or solo, Tim always delivers a consistently high quality and innovative result – whatever and wherever the assignment is.

During his career, Tim has worked on most formats including 35mm and 16mm film, Red, high definition video, DSLRs, P2, XDcam, digital video, and SP Betacam. Currently Mind’s Eye Films owns and operates  Sony F5, Sony a7RIII, Canon 5D and GoPro Hero cameras.

Always at the cutting edge of innovation all Tim’s equipment was specifically chosen for its versatility. We have the latest top of the range Sony PDW F5 camera, carbon fibre tripods, extensive lighting gear, sound equipment, and many other accessories. To find out more please feel free to look at www.mindseye.net.au or sydneydop.com.au

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