“A good cameraman is much more than a good photographer. They work hard at understanding the brief and what the job requires, they are sensitive to the needs and requirements of the clients as well as being creative and putting forward their ideas when welcomed. Tim Bradley provides that, which is why we have had an ongoing 10 year plus relationship with him assisting us deliver success for our clients. Thanks Tim.”

Peter Huxley – Spinifex Communications

“Tim is a dream to work with – I’ve had the pleasure of working with him on a number of corporate events and projects over several years. Tim is more than just a cameraman, he is creative, contributes excellent suggestions, and knows how all the various components work together on complex events. He takes the initiative and adapts to changing circumstances without missing a beat. And best of all…clients always love him!”

Nicole Moore – Lime Agency

“Tim is someone I simply love to have around. Any chance I have to work with him, I’ll take. Tim completes all projects he’s involved in to the highest standard of quality. He’s definitely a knowledge expert in his field, with a great understanding of lighting and composition. He takes direction well, and gives great input where needed. This guy knows his stuff. I look forward to continuing work with Tim. Book him in, before I do.” 

Ben Hasic – Director / Producer – No Pool Productions

“Having collaborated with Tim in varied situations over many years, I could not wish for a better, more reliable, flexible and creative cameraman. His cinematographic skills are only enhanced by his extraordinary calm and understanding nature, all of which add up to the best possible outcome of any project that Tim is involved with.”

Gary Schweikert – Director – Big Hat Pictures

“The client said: “Shoot it like YouTube”.  None of us had any idea what that meant, but Tim rose to the challenge and gave them something different.  That’s what I like about Tim, he’s inventive if you want him to be, able to handle big or small shoots with equal ease and, above all, always cheerful.  And the shots are always fantastic.  What more could you want?”

Charles Hamlyn-Harris – Charlie Bravo

“I first worked with Tim Bradley in the eighties when he was a keen young cameraman. 25 years later, Tim is still that same keen young cameraman. Tim’s energy, determination and attention to detail has not waivered in all these years. You’ll find his technical and lighting ability to be second to none. And you’ll find it’s always a pleasure and easy to work with Tim.”

Fred Maddrerom – OnCreate

“There are few operators that I can rely on to produce the images I want without supervision. Tim is one of these people. I tell Tim want I want and I get it, first time and with stunning shots. Tim is also great with my clients and talent. He’s easy going, personable and frankly a joy to work with. I wholeheartedly recommend him!”

Steve Griffiths – Director – Visionlink

“Our company has used Tim Bradley/Minds Eye as our preferred DOP and lighting camera operator for the past 8 years. There is no-one I trust more to deliver exactly what is requested – in fact Tim always delivers much more than what is requested. His ability to bring any location to life through clever and often inspired lighting, combined with his technical (and artistic) command of the camera is second to none. As a director I am constantly seeking his opinion and advice and Tim always contributes without ever being intrusive. He is totally professional but always pleasant and fun to work with. Another important attribute he brings to our team is the delightful and always appropriate way he interacts with our clients. Minds Eye has been a valued and dependable partner of Loulaki Blue for years and we look forward to maintaining that relationship in the years to come”. 

Ken Moffat – Executive Producer – Loulaki Blue

“Tim is a consummate professional and puts both the crew and talent at ease with his expertise and charm. He arrives fully prepared, and you leave with what you wanted and usually more.”

Peter Crammer – Director – The Milkbar

“Over the past 7 years I have had the pleasure of working with Tim Bradley many times on a wide range of corporate videos. His professionalism and creativity on shoots is second to none. Not only does he always provide beautiful pictures but his attention to detail, friendly rapport with clients and valuable input make filming days a joy. This combined with the fact that he’s a top bloke to be in the company of make Tim my first choice cameraman every time.”

Mark Johnson – Director – Eye Spy Media

“I have worked with Tim Bradley for over a decade and used his services for a range of clients and needs, from corporate videos to video news releases. Tim is a pleasure to work with; he’s intuitive, highly professional, very strategic and consistently produces a high quality product. I have recommended and will continue to recommend Tim to my clients and my peers. He combines expertise and experience with a lovely nature – and he always goes over and above what is required.”

Lisa Llewellyn – Llewellyn Communications

“It’s always been great working with Tim and I have worked almost exclusively with him for many years now. Apart from beautiful images on camera, Tim ‘gets it.’ Working on a set is stressful, and Tim always knows just what to do and when to do it, who to give support to, how to negotiate a tricky situation, when to push creative ideas and when to keep it simple. Tim makes my job easier, and the clients love him, so it makes me look good.”

Rafe Spies – Director – Straight Media

“Tim is an absolute pleasure to work with and he does quality work with no fuss. I trust his advice implicitly and that’s why I keep going back.”

Susan Redden Makatoa – Senate SHJ

“Tim was fantastic to work with! As a DOP and as a person. He is very professional yet friendly, and his easy going nature was a pleasure to have on the shoot. On the professional side, he could not be faulted. We had to change the shoot date numerous times to fit in with weather, yet Tim never complained and was happy to accommodate the changes. He read the script in advance, prepared a great shot list and was there ready to go even before the sun rose! I look forward to the opportunity to work with Tim again in the future.”

Susan Schmidt – Freelance Producer

“Tim is a very experienced cinematographer, his knowledge of all facets of film and television production coupled with a can do attitude makes him an asset to any production.”

Ron Croft – Director / Cinematographer – Double Vision

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