Stunning visuals are about light, camera placement and the emotions that are evoked.

Tim can achieve a stunning look on any video and eliminate shooting stress

Knowledge & Expertise

If it moves, Tim has shot it. If it doesn’t move, he has probably shot it too. Tim has worked on feature films, TV series, corporate videos, documentaries and web projects and knows how to approach them all.

Great Gear

Tim owns and operates a vast range of gear, including Sony cameras. He also has an enviable range of lighting gear, including HMI, LED, fluorescent and tungsten


If a shoot location lacks that special something, Tim knows what to look for – from using the best shooting angles, to setting lighting that adds depth and selecting the best lens to capture the most interesting images, his expertise ensures top notch work.


If the call time is six, Tim will be there by half past five – always ready to go well ahead of time, it means he can tackle any task with a clear head. Tim knows preparation is key to a successful and smooth shoot day.

It’s time you regained
control over your video shoot.

You can’t control everything on a shoot day – but you can control your crew

Having a confident, knowledgeable cameraman on set can take the finished product from imperfect to polished and professional.

the right gear for the job

Tim’s enviable range of camera, lenses, lighting and accessories allows him to have the right gear for the job. Also, as Tim carries a huge amount of gear in his Van, the right gear is always close at hand. From shot bags to snap grids, Tim has it all.

All of Tim’s gear has been carefully chosen to be versatile and to create stunning images.

Shoot a Beautiful Video

With Tim Bradley – Videographer