Cinematography Showreel

New year, new showreel! Excited to showcase just some of my work captured over the years – from TVCs to corporates to lifestyle.
I’m now located in the NSW Northern Rivers region, working anywhere between Byron Bay and Brisbane. Want to know more? Head to

For a videographer located in The Northern Rivers, Tweed Heads, Kingscliff, Gold Coast or Brisbane, just get in contact with me to discuss your next shoot.

Now Live Streaming / Webcasting

NEWS FLASH: Live streaming and remote production is here to stay. Make your videos more professional
Since the coronavirus crisis hit, video production has changed – but it’s still possible to make great, powerful videos and get your messages out while being COVID safe.
Live streaming has become part of our vernacular. And it’s here to stay.
Like many things, live streaming has ‘pivoted’, evolving from a casual way to get a message out to become an essential and highly effective marketing, management, and training tool. The benefit of live streaming is the instant interaction with the audience, giving them something to participate in or feel a part of. It’s a convenient, cost-friendly and effective way to communicate in real time to audiences anywhere.
However, audiences tire of the low-quality visuals, complete with those all too familiar unflattering camera angles, poor sound and lighting, and distracting background noises. The fact is, professionally produced, high quality streams not only attract more viewers, they engage them for longer.
That’s why I’m so excited to announce our new special, professional live streaming service. We’ve created this service so it’s ‘ISO-friendly’ and convenient. Whether it’s a crew of one or two, we’ll bring the latest digital high definition cameras and production gear to a location of your choice. And we’ll produce excellent, professional results, every time. And if you want a multi-camera webcasting for a truly ‘cinematic-style’ look, we can do that too.
For your audiences, our professional high-quality live streams are enjoyable and a pleasure to watch. And those who do live streaming better will influence more people.

Click here to find out more about our live streaming packages and the benefits.

And if you’re after video production, I still provide that service. In light of physical distancing regulations, I offer a remote video production service. This means that only one crew member is on location with the talent to be filmed.
  How it works: I arrange the interview set up with professional cinematic lighting, professional sound and camera I live stream this to you/your team so all stakeholders can observe and review from the safety and convenience of the chosen location For shoots that are interview style, I can set up an iPad  Using this approach, it’s a “no touch” production and highly COVID-19 safe.  
We look forward to working with you to make your next event or video better and more successful. Please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Essential Video gear – The C Stand

There is an ever increasing range of camera and lighting gear, new LED lights through to camera gimbals. But the C stand is probably the piece of gear that will be used on almost every shoot. The term ‘Century Stand’ goes back to the early days of motion picture production. Century Stands also known as “C Stands” are one of the most frequently used stands in the film industry. They are mainly used by grip and lighting and can support other things on film sets.

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A typical professional video shoot

A typical professional video shoot normally means you need a wide range of gear. Even the seemingly simplest shoot can need a huge amount of gear to make the end video look fabulous.

Keep in mind, there is no “one size fits all” equipment package for everyone since there are so many variables including budget, type of project, shoot style and shoot locations to name just a few.
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Which lights should I use?

When you are starting out or want to try a new lighting look, people always ask which lights should I use. While this is a great question, it’s not an easy answer. There is no one light that is great for every shoot. There are however lights that can be used in a variety of ways easily that make them worth considering.
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Gear reviews

Coming soon are gear reviews. I will post what gear I use and why I use it. I will let you know how the gear stacks up to professional use on set. I’ll describe the advantages and disadvantages to any of the gear. I work on a wide range of productions, tv commercials, corporate and web videos so can recommend gear that’s versatile and worth considering taking on your next shoot.
Also if you have questions on film and tv gear let me know and I will pass on an industry veteran opinion.
With the range of gear options increasing everyday it’s important to know what works well and why.
First up I will let you know about my lighting gear and will give the pros and cons for HMI lighting.
Happy shooting til then.

At last a really useful drone

It seems every man and his dog has a drone these days. The sad fact is though that the vast majority of these are either not equipped with a decent camera or are flown badly or even worse illegally.
To get great results you do need to get a professional drone crew. On shoots that I have been on by far the best results have been achieved by a two person Drone crew. One person to fly the drone and the second to frame the camera.
The good news is that there are better drones everyday equipped with better cameras giving more options to get the shot. I have to admit though I am old school and can easily see the advantages in shooting from a Helicopter with a stabilised mount. In this type of setup you can choose the camera and lenses you need rather than having to accept a fixed lense that distorts the image from prosumer type drones.

But all that aside, here is the best way to enjoy using a drone I have seen.

Is this the future ?

Cameras are getting smaller and stranger shaped, but this one even with its odd looking body just maybe the future or cameras. Say hello to the DJI Osmo, a new handheld camera that lets you shoot 12MP photos and 4K video while being stabilized with a 3-axis brushless gimbal.

The camera system is basically a sleek handheld stabilizer that comes standard with the Inspire 1’s X3 camera, which packs a 1/2.3-inch Sony Exmor R sensor with an ISO range of 100-1600 (100-3200 for video), a 20mm (35mm equiv.) lens with a 94° field of view, and DNG support or You can also choose to buy the grip for a new X5 camera if you’d like a Micro Four Thirds sensor and mount.

Epic & Scarlet cameras shoot reality TV

Today’s the final gear prep day before we start shooting a reality TV series. I can’t name the show yet, but I am really looking forward to shooting it on my Epic camera. We have mainly Epics, but have one Scarlet camera in the mix.
Keeping on top of the data backup is going to be one challenge, but I am told that’s in good hands with plenty of on set computing power at hand.
There has been a great crew brought together for this show, so will be great fun to shoot!